Solo Piano CDs

These are collections of original compositions by Barry Wylde, particularly for those who enjoy the pristine purity of a solo piano performance. These CDs were all performed on a Yamaha C7 piano and are studio digital recordings of high quality [please note: MP3 samples, like those below, do not have as high a resolution as the original CDs].

The music is heavily influenced by popular new age artists of the 1970’s onward, with a range of tempo and feel and representation from light jazz, classical music and cinematic/theatrical genres in every CD. My solo piano music is found by many as “very relaxing and soothing” [Since people said they like to fall asleep listening to the CDs, I had the idea of placing a warning on the covers, “Do not play and drive at the same time!”]. I hesitate to mention this, but an acquaintance mentioned how great it was to play these during sex [disclaimer: I make no claims as to enhanced sexual performance with these CDs!].

Hand Over The Keys [HOTK] is my first solo piano CD. This is oft cited as a favorite. Total playing time 64 minutes.

Reaching A New Age [RANA] is my second solo piano CD with similar themes to the first CD. The song entitled, “Reaching A New Age,” includes a melody line based on the popular Happy Birthday to You theme (written by Mildred J. Hill and Patty S. Hill and used with permission from Summy-Birchard and Fox-Warner Brothers Music). Thus, this makes a unique birthday gift to someone! Total play 52 minutes.

Familiar Touch [FT] is my most recent solo piano CD. Similar themes and influences. Also very well-received. Currently, the "site-wide music player" is featuring cuts from this CD. Total play over 51 minutes.

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The audio player above has 24 samples (not the entire repertoire) from the three solo piano CDs.

Use the gray track advance arrow on the right to view titles and listen to the sample. 

A list of all titles included on each CD can be seen below next to the CD image.


Hand Over The Keys

1) Lullaby
2) Summertune
3) Jessie's Song
4) Fallen Petal Sonata
5) Emulation
6) Minor Melody
7) New Jazzy
8) Put the Top Down
9) Too Far West
10) Future Vision

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